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UPDATED: 2022 gunfire map | PEOPLE'S PARK: Court halts construction after protests | WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT: Monkeypox, COVID

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Judge upholds death verdict in Berkeley-Oakland murders

Wednesday afternoon, an Alameda County Superior Court judge ordered convicted double murderer Darnell Williams Jr. to be executed by the state of California. Williams, 25, of Berkeley was convicted by a jury in May, after nearly a month of testimony, of two fatal shootings in 2013. The victims were 8-year-old Alaysha Carradine, who was a guest […]

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Jury to begin deliberations in murder trial of ‘psychopath’

In closing statements Tuesday in the murder trial of Darnell Williams Jr., attorneys on both sides said the 25-year-old Berkeley man was a psychopath. But they disagreed in their advice to the jury about what his sentence should be. Prosecutor John Brouhard told jurors the death penalty would be the fair and just punishment for Williams, who […]

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Williams decides not to testify; defense rests

After suddenly announcing Wednesday that convicted murderer Darnell Williams Jr. would testify on his own behalf, the defense team backtracked Thursday morning with the brief announcement that it would instead rest its case. The disappointment in the courtroom was palpable, as relatives and supporters of Williams’ two murder victims, along with other attorneys and interested […]

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Breaking: Convicted murderer says he’ll take the stand

Minutes after a forensic psychologist described the extensive and longstanding impulse-control problems exhibited by convicted murderer Darnell Williams Jr., he suddenly announced through his attorneys that he plans to take the stand in his own defense. His attorneys said it wasn’t the first time they had discussed the subject, but were not expecting the announcement Wednesday, just as […]

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‘Penalty trial’ begins in Berkeley-Oakland murder case

Darnell Williams Jr., found guilty earlier this month of two murders and several special circumstances, had a history of violent attacks both in and out of prison that make the death penalty the appropriate sentence for him, the prosecution said Monday. In the next phase of the case, attorneys are set to present evidence to show aggravating […]

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Guilty verdicts in Berkeley-Oakland death penalty case

After nearly a month of testimony, followed by less than two full days of deliberations, an Alameda County jury brought back a series of guilty verdicts Friday afternoon in connection with two fatal shootings in 2013 that took the lives of an 8-year-old girl at an Oakland sleepover and a 22-year-old Berkeley father. Scroll down for videos of […]