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UPDATED: 2022 gunfire map | PEOPLE'S PARK: Court halts construction after protests | WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT: Monkeypox, COVID

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Best Books of 2014: Chosen by local authors, Berkeleyside

Every year Berkeleyside puts together a list of the best books the editors have read. We generally ask local authors and literary-minded folk to contribute their picks. This year we decided to mimic the format used by The Guardian newspaper in Britain, and that meant asking everyone to limit their selections to two books apiece […]

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Knocking on Heaven’s Door: Do we die a good death?

Katy Butler was living in Mill Valley, pursuing a successful freelance writing career, when she got the call we all dread: her father, a successful, dynamic 79-year-old retired Wesleyan professor, had had a debilitating stroke. Butler flew back to Middletown, Conn. and unknowingly entered into an nine-year medical and moral odyssey that would bewilder and […]

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Dave Eggers decries the death of the newspaper

Reports of the death of the newspaper are greatly exaggerated. Long live the newspaper. So says bestselling author Dave Eggers, who with a small editorial team, published Panorama, a 320-page newspaper that sold out its 20,000 print-run in December. The prolific publisher discussed the newspaper business as a guest of the UC Berkeley Graduate School […]