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Berkeley gets smart power meters

 By Becca Freed In the past couple of weeks, PG&E has begun installing so-called SmartMeters on Berkeley residences.  One showed up at my house even before PG&E’s letter arrived announcing the retrofit. SmartMeters are supposed to let consumers monitor their household energy consumption, with reports on hourly electricity use and daily gas use. Presumably this […]

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Garbage rate structure the problem

Following the reports that Berkeley’s success in recycling led to unexpected deficits, Martin Bourque, executive director of the Ecology Center, responded to Berkeleyside. The Ecology Center is a non-profit organization that runs Berkeley’s recycling program, as well as farmers markets and other programs. Recent coverage of the Solid Waste Management Fund deficit in Berkeley wrongly […]

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The costs and benefits of scavenging

We wrote yesterday about the financial dilemma that Berkeley’s success with recycling is creating. More recycling by Berkeley residents combined with a decrease in construction projects (and their associated waste), have led to a $4 million budget shortfall. Not good. But commenter TN poses another Berkeley refuse collection issue that needs solution: The Chronicle article […]

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Salmon shares or a crab co-op: Berkeley could totally do that

In this morning’s New York Times Magazine, the Food column describes the decline of fisheries off South Carolina, and the effort by one fisherman to create a commercial market for alternative, more sustainable fish species. The decline and subsequent fishing restrictions on popular species there sounds depressingly like the steady decline of the Pacific salmon […]