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Strawberry Creek turns orange due to food dye spillage

Berkeley’s Strawberry Creek was running bright orange today, but residents can rest assured there was nothing toxic in the water. The creek was discolored on Sunday morning when a food-grade dye was inadvertently washed into a storm drain at the northeast corner of the UC Berkeley campus, according to Claire Holmes, a spokeswoman for the university. The […]

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UC Berkeley students celebrate the Holi Festival of Colors

The Holi Festival of Colors was celebrated Saturday by a mob of brightly painted UC Berkeley students high in the Berkeley hills, near the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Berkeleyside contributing photographer Ted Friedman captured these images of the event, which was sponsored by Cal’s Indian Student Association. The traditional Holi Festival sees Hindus in India, […]

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Cal students celebrate Holi Festival in riot of color

UC Berkeley students have embraced the traditional Holi Festival which sees Hindus in India, Pakistan and Nepal, among others, celebrate the arrival of spring in a riot of color. Saturday on campus, hundreds of them gladly allowed themselves to be drenched both with colored powders and water. Luckily for Berkeleyside, Michael Armbrust was on hand to take […]