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Alert: UC Berkeley student with measles rode public transportation

Electron microscope image of the virus responsible for measles (paramyxoviridae). Photo: Alain Grillet / Copyright Sanofi Pasteur Berkeley officials have put out an alert that a UC Berkeley student diagnosed with measles rode public transportation and was active in the community before he was put in isolation. The student, who was not identified, was infectious […]

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Berkeley launches public meetings on health inequalities

Diabetes hospitalization rates by zip code show disparities in health outcomes around the city. Source: Berkeley’s 2013 Health Status Report Berkeley is gearing up for a series of town hall meetings about the state of public health in the city to allow community members to share their thoughts and concerns regarding the improvement of city-wide health priorities. The […]

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If measles breaks out in Berkeley, unvaccinated children may be quarantined for 21 days

The current outbreak of measles in California can be traced back to Disneyland. Photo Glen Scarborough /Creative Commons If measles breaks out in any Berkeley school, the Berkeley public health department will direct all unvaccinated children in that school to stay at home for 21 days, the department announced on Jan. 29. This applies to […]

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Berkeley tackles kid-tempting tobacco products

A menthol-flavored electronic cigarette. Berkeley City Council is taking steps to prevent youth being exposed to menthol and flavored cigarettes, and is looking into e-cigarettes. Photo: Lindsay Fox The Berkeley City Council has taken steps to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products within 500 feet of schools, including menthol cigarettes, popular as a sweet-smoke […]

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Report highlights racial disparities in Berkeley health

The Black Infant Health Center has helped reduce the African-American infant mortality rate in Berkeley. Photo: Natalie Orenstein A new report on the health status of Berkeley residents reveals significant racial and ethnic health inequities across all age groups. In a special City Council session on Oct. 29, Public Health Officer Dr. Janet Berreman encouraged […]