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UPDATED: 2022 gunfire map | PEOPLE'S PARK: Court halts construction after protests | WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT: Monkeypox, COVID

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Uncharted speakers just keep doing extraordinary things

One of the thrills about putting together Uncharted: The Berkeley Festival of Ideas 2014 is that our speakers keep doing extraordinary things. It’s hard to keep up. We have Nobelists, Pulitzer winners, and Grammy recipients. And more and more is happening in the run-up to Uncharted on Oct. 24-25! We just wrote on Berkeleyside about astronomer Josh […]

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Cal prof Joshua Bloom makes earthquake alert kit for $110

When the Napa earthquake struck on Aug. 24, Joshua Bloom had a 5-second warning. That’s because the UC Berkeley astronomy professor likes to tinker. It was when Bloom was a beta tester in the prototype ShakeAlert system being developed by a consortium of seismological researchers (including UC Berkeley), that he came up with an idea. “I thought it […]