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Op-ed: Library Gardens before and after the tragedy

Mold at Library Gardens. Photo, taken on March 4, 2015 after a Feb. 27 pipe failure, by Devisadaria Duchine-Khauli In 2009, moving to Library Gardens seemed like a dream come true. It’s within walking distance to transportation, restaurants, movie theatres, schools, colleges, workout facilities, the library and city offices, not to mention its scenic downtown […]

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Berkeley balcony collapse: Contractor used inferior wood and owner ignored signs of rot, including mushrooms sprouting from the surface, lawsuits allege

The balcony at Library Gardens that collapsed June 16, killing six and injuring seven. Lawsuits were filed against the owners, managers, contractors, subcontractors and others Thursday. Photo: Emily Dugdale The contractor for Library Gardens used inferior wood to construct the balcony that collapsed June 16, and allowed it to be saturated by rain before enclosing […]

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Irish president visits Berkeley to give thanks

Irish President Michael Higgins visited Berkeley to thank the community for its response to the deadly balcony collapse in June. Photo: Emilie Raguso Irish President Michael Higgins visited Berkeley on Wednesday to thank first responders for their compassionate response to the tragic balcony collapse in June that killed six and injured seven young students, most of […]

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Irish president to visit Berkeley, honor first responders

Irish President Michael Higgins (courtesy) Irish President Michael Higgins will visit Berkeley next week to speak with students, honor first responders and community members who helped after June’s fatal balcony collapse, and plant trees with Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates. Monday, Oct. 26, Higgins is set to talk to UC Berkeley students in the Chevron Auditorium […]

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DA hopes to find cause of water intrusion that led to Berkeley balcony collapse

A balcony at Library Gardens in downtown Berkeley collapsed in June, killing six. Photo: Emily Dugdale The Alameda County district attorney’s office is hoping to determine the source of water intrusion that led a fifth-floor balcony to collapse in Berkeley in June, killing six and injuring seven. The tragedy at Library Gardens was an international story, […]

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Op-ed: Berkeley should revisit its balcony code changes

There are a lot of questions swirling around regarding the City of Berkeley’s handling of its investigation into the Library Gardens balcony collapse. The recent new safety regulations passed by the City Council and believed by Berkeley Mayor Bates to be the toughest in the state, while welcomed, add much fuel to the controversy. Two […]

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Berkeley council to address balcony safety after collapse

Two balconies were removed from Library Gardens after a fatal accident that killed six and  injured seven in June. Photo: David Yee Two balconies were removed from Library Gardens after a fatal accident that killed six and  injured seven in June. Photo: David Yee The Berkeley City Council may vote next week to amend the municipal code in an effort to […]