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Berkeley artist in residence: Thacher Hurd

Earlier this year, Berkeley’s Creston Books re-released famed illustrator Thacher Hurd’s Pea Patch Jig, a picture book featuring a feisty mouse who gets in all sorts of trouble exploring Farmer Clem’s garden. The picture book, originally published 20 years ago, is aimed at children aged three to six years’ old, and was inspired by a song, […]

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Berkeley author Marissa Moss says goodby to Amelia, a character that has delighted readers for 20 years

By Michael Berry After 20 years and more than 5 million copies sold, Marissa Moss’ “Amelia’s Notebook” series has arrived at its concluding chapter. The Berkeley writer is bringing her feisty, hand-drawn creation back to its small-press roots, publishing “Amelia’s Middle-School Graduation Yearbook” through her own children’s press, Creston Books. Moss, 55, said she took her […]

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Authors use Kickstarter to begin new publishing company

It’s no secret that times are tough in the publishing industry. Consumers are increasingly buying e-books, which bring in less revenue than traditional hardcover books. The popularity of the iPad means more words are fighting for readers’ attention. And publishers are increasingly turning to celebrity memoirs or books written by those with established track records. […]