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Cal Chancellor Birgeneau to step down by year end

Chancellor Robert Birgeneau UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau announced today that he will step down from the chancellorship at the end of this calendar year. Birgeneau has been chancellor since September, 2004. His term was dominated by both financial struggles, as state funding of the University of California system was steadily squeezed, and controversy over […]

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Chancellor apologizes for Occupy Cal police response

Chancellor Robert Birgeneau Chancellor Robert Birgeneau issued an apology today for police tactics during Occupy Cal protests on November 9 on campus. In a recording made while en route to spending Thanksgiving with his children and grandchildren on the East Coast, Birgeneau said he took full responsibility for the events that day and would do “his […]

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Cal Chancellor calls on Silicon Valley to help with funding

Cal Chancellor Robert Birgeneau (center) flanked by Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Harry Le Grande (right), and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost George Breslauer (left), as well as Associate Vice Chancellor of Public Affairs Claire Holmes, at a press conference today on campus UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau said it’s time for corporate California to step […]

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Towel-folding robot FTW*

A staggering number of pioneering scientific advances emerge from Berkeley, as we document from time to time. But it seems that the advance the world was waiting for is a towel-folding robot, which we pointed to in a slightly off-hand manner last week. In my persistent search on Google News and Twitter for mentions of […]

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Getting into UC Berkeley is harder than ever — so hard that UC Riverside may recruit you

UC President Mark Yudof In an attempt to raise more funds during an era of unprecedented cutbacks, the UC system is planning on admitting more students from out of state than ever before, since those students have to pay a higher tuition. That means fewer in-state students will be admitted to their first-choice campuses. To […]

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Protesters attack home of UC Chancellor as he sleeps

A broken light in front of chancellor’s home (Courtesy Noah Berger, AP) A broken light in front of chancellor’s home (Courtesy Noah Berger, AP) State and university officials are condemning a Friday night attack on the home of the UC Berkeley Chancellor. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger called the 11:15 pm incident, in which eight people were arrested, […]

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Yudof on furloughs

University of California president Mark Yudof met on Wednesday with the faculty of UCLA to explain his furlough policy, among other things. As part of the university system’s budget cuts, faculty and staff are required to take between 10 and 26 days off without pay over the next year. The original plan was to allow […]