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Op-ed: Berkeley’s new homeless vote: A victory of style over substance

For a city that prides itself on substance on the issues of environment, free speech, locavore food politics, etc., Berkeley embarrassed itself Tuesday night on the substantive issue of caring for some of its neediest community members, opting for style over substance in the form of tidy sidewalks. Tuesday night the Berkeley City Council rejected the will […]

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Berkeley council votes to curb impacts of homelessness

Advocates for the homeless asked the city to consider new services, rather than new laws, for the homeless during a march and rally Tuesday night. Photo: Ted Friedman The Berkeley City Council voted Tuesday night to direct staff to flesh out and clarify laws designed to clean up downtown by addressing problematic behavior linked to the city’s homeless […]

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$2,750 fine assessed after Measure S campaign violations

FCPC commissioners review papers in a May 2013 meeting. (Note: Some of these commissioners are no longer serving.) Photo: Frances Dinkelspiel Update, Jan. 17: Berkeley’s Fair Campaign Practices Commission voted Thursday night to increase the fine for “Yes on S” campaign violations to $3,750, according to the East Bay Express. The campaign had failed to list the individual […]

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Op-ed: Why oppose building new homes for the homeless?

The homeless are the most marginalized and dispossessed people in the United States. To be homeless is to experience a wide spectrum of discrimination. In the past decade, legislation seeking to criminalize the homeless has gained popularity in cities that are fed up or exasperated with the “homeless problem”. The National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty reported that […]

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New talks on homelessness in Berkeley start Thursday

Thursday’s meeting will provide a starting point for discussion on homelessness, proponents say, with an introduction to the causes and state of homelessness from a national, regional and local perspective. Photo: Derrick Coetzee Thursday evening, the Berkeley Task Force on Homelessness will begin a new community-driven process designed to explore homelessness in Berkeley, and how it might be […]

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Berkeley moves towards a consensus homeless plan

City Council appears to be moving towards a consensus-based, public process to generate an action plan on homelessness. Photo: Emilie Raguso After an acrimonious battle last year over Measure S, which sought to prohibit sitting on commercial sidewalks, Berkeley’s City Council pointed the way on Tuesday night to a more consensual approach to homelessness. Councilman […]

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Op-Ed: After Measure S, it’s time to act on homelessness

Although Berkeley voters rejected Measure S, a controversial proposal that would have criminalized sitting on commercial sidewalks, we shouldn’t mistake it as an endorsement of inaction. The simple fact still remains: we need to address homelessness. I didn’t support Measure S, but I’m not calling it a day as many do post-election. Next Tuesday, City […]