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CITY COUNCIL: Pledges to upzone wealthy neighborhoods | PEOPLE'S PARK: Court ruling nears | COVID: What to know | WE'RE HIRING: Public safety reporter

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Big Screen Berkeley: Ladybug Ladybug

Promotional poster for Ladybug Ladybug This week, Berkeleyside’s film writer John Seal looks at a movie he recommends you check out on DVD. Many film fans have at least a passing acquaintance with director Frank Perry’s first production, 1962’s bittersweet boy meets girl in a sanitarium drama David and Lisa. That film was the first […]

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Big Screen Berkeley: Locally Grown Produce

Tear Gas in Law Enforcement Sometimes you’ll find locally grown produce in the most unexpected and unusual places. Take, for example, a little industrial film entitled Tear Gas in Law Enforcement. Recently aired late one night on television’s best channel — Turner Classic Movies — this 25-minute film was (according to its prologue) ‘designed to […]

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International flavor on the cards for Oaks Theatre

By Jane Tierney The Oaks Theatre on Solano Avenue, which re-opened under new management earlier this month, is likely to add international films, including Bollywood hits, to its line-up and is considering spicing up its refreshment options. Rama Sagiraju, speaking for new owners Merriment Entertainment, said the movie theater would like to put mango lassis and samosas […]

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Big Screen Berkeley: Exit Through the Gift Shop — a two-finger salute to craven art-world poseurs?

The less you know about Exit through the Gift Shop before you see it, the more you’ll appreciate it. Of course, if you go into the film expecting to learn anything about its purported subject, you’ll probably be bitterly disappointed. Directed by guerrilla artist Banksy, the film is, ostensibly, both a behind the scenes look […]

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Big Screen Berkeley: The Eclipse

Iben Hjejle and Ciaran Hinds in The Eclipse Director-writer Conor McPherson’s new film The Eclipse is almost impossible to classify:  blending elements of drama, romantic comedy, and horror, it offers appeal to a wide range of filmgoers. Unfortunately, the film’s aversion to easy pigeon-holing also means marketing it is no easy task: The Eclipse is […]