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Occupy Berkeley remains, experiment is proving fragile

By Judith Scherr While Occupy encampments across the nation are being forcibly disbanded, be it in Oakland, Manhattan or right here on the Cal campus, the tent-city in Berkeley’s Civic Center Park, which was established in early October after gravitating from the Bank of America on Shattuck Avenue, remains. Its presence has been marked not by clashes […]

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After night of camping, weary Cal protesters settle in

A few dozen bleary eyed protestors who spent Tuesday night camped on the steps of Sproul Hall vowed Wednesday morning to stay in UC Berkeley’s main square as long as possible, even though UC Berkeley police announced numerous times Wednesday morning that the tent encampment was illegal. Now that police have rousted the Occupy Wall […]

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After Oakland eviction, Occupy focus shifts to UC Berkeley

With the dismantling by police of the Occupy Oakland camp early this morning, the Occupy focus has shifted to UC Berkeley where students are preparing to hold a general strike on Tuesday. Reports suggest that Occupy Oakland protesters may march to Berkeley to join Occupy Cal demonstrations tomorrow too. But plans by protesters to demonstrate at a Regents’ meeting scheduled for […]

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Police use of force at Occupy Cal gets national attention

The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive The manner in which the police handled Occupy Cal protesters on Wednesday night has come under scrutiny and attracted attention beyond the boundaries of Berkeley. Videos taken on the scene (including one published on Berkeleyside on Wednesday) show UCPD and Alameda County […]

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Protesters vote to set up Occupy Cal camp at UC Berkeley

Update, 7:52pm: Video footage of police beating protesters at today’s Occupy Cal demonstrations has emerged. The following video was uploaded to YouTube by Miles Mathews [Hat-tip: Bruce Love]: Update, 4:36 pm: Protesters have been attempting to set up tents and clashing with police at the Cal Occupy demonstrations on campus, according to various media reports. […]

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Berkeley joins 900 cities to condemn corporate greed

By Judith Scherr Update, 10.16.11: A video of the October 15th Occupy march in Berkeley has been added at the foot of this story. It was created by Digital Asphalt/East Bay Media Center/Paul Kealoha Blake. ……………………………………. Some 300 people marched, biked and rolled their wheelchairs through downtown Berkeley Saturday, adding their voices to the Occupy Movement […]

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Wall Street protests come to Berkeley

By Judith Scherr A movement to fight corporate power that began with Occupy Wall Street reached Berkeley Saturday with some 200 people converging around noon outside the downtown Bank of America to plan an October 15 “occupation” of a site in Berkeley. Students piling up debt, retirees on fixed income, homeless people, the unemployed and […]