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6 MAPS: How city's changed over last decade | FREE THIS FALL: Berkeley City College | CATCH UP: People's Park | WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT: Monkeypox, COVID

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Thomas Mapfumo kicks off Berkeley World Music Festival

The pantheon of African musicians who have put their bodies on the line while turning their music into a vanguard force against despotism and corruption includes Nigeria’s Fela Kuti and South Africa’s Hugh Masekela. But no one occupies quite the same role as Zimbabwe’s Thomas Mapfumo. His startlingly innovative musical vision, which transposed sacred Shona […]

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Getting low with Cornelius Boots and Joëlle Léandre

From his earliest stirrings as a musician, Cornelius Boots has always gravitated to low, rumbling tones. Since moving to the Bay Area about 12 years ago, he’s created a series of darkly dramatic ensembles, such as Edmund Wells, an unprecedented bass clarinet quartet, and the texture-minded duo Sabbaticus Rex. In recent years, Boots has focused […]

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So Béla Bartók and 2 clarinetists walk into a Jewish deli…

Hungarian composer Béla Bartók wrote 44 Duos for Two Violins as a series of exercises for young musicians, but for Oakland reed experts Phillip Greenlief and Cory Wright interpreting the brief pieces is anything but child’s play. They’ve been investigating 44 Duos for more than two decades, and revisit the works Saturday at Saul’s Deli on […]