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Berkeley Police Department’s past continues to influence the officers of today

On Wednesday, Berkeleyside published the first part of a two-part interview with Berkeley’s new Police Chief, Michael Meehan. Today we give you Part II. Deep in the bowels of the Berkeley Police Department is an L-shaped hallway that is a shrine to the department’s past. There is an old lie detector encased in a wooden […]

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Exclusive interview: Berkeley’s new police chief pledges more transparency

Berkeley Police Chief Michael Meehan On his first day on the job, newly appointed police chief Michael Meehan walked into the conference room adjoining his office. With ample light and round bay windows overlooking the Martin Luther King Park, it is the nicest room in Berkeley’s police headquarters. But Meehan was struck by the fact […]

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Police statement on last night’s violence

Berkeley Police Department’s Public Information Officer Andrew Frankel emailed neighborhood crime prevention leaders with a report on last night’s violence on Telegraph Avenue, near the university (sent to Berkeleyside by Laura Menard): Here is what I can share with regard to last night’s events: At 1:41a.m. we responded to a request for emergency assistance made […]

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‘When we mess up we fess up’: Michael Meehan, Berkeley’s new police chief, is sworn in

Police officials from around the region gathered in downtown Berkeley Thursday afternoon to attend the swearing in of Michael K. Meehan, Berkeley’s new police chief. Chiefs from Oakland, San Francisco, Albany Emeryville, Kensington, Sacramento, Livermore and the University of California joined FBI agents, DEA investigators, CHP officers and elected officials to welcome Meehan, 48, who […]

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Police chiefs past and present

Former Berkeley police chief Douglas Hambleton (above) will be recognized for his distinguished community service at a meeting tonight at which Oakland’s newly crowned  police chief, Anthony Batts, will talk about his plans for the city. The “Safe Neighborhoods” meeting has been organized by a large group of community organizations and takes place at Maxwell’s, […]

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Goodbye on Beat 8

Ever since we moved to the Elmwood, we’ve received regular, informative emails from Roderick Roe, our Beat 8 police officer. Roe leavened the usual litany of break-ins and car thefts with helpful advice and a distinct, personal voice. I’ve just received his latest email, which is a goodbye: Believe me, after twenty-one years as a […]