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Prayers, songs and lie-in during faith group protest against proposed Berkeley homeless laws

An estimated 60 members of faith groups gathered at the Downtown Berkeley BART Plaza Thursday night to protest proposed new laws that they claimed would “criminalize the homeless.” Prayers and speeches were followed by a small number of the protesters lying down to spend the night sleeping in the plaza. “Jesus probably would be criminalized by these law […]

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Faith groups to sleep on street to support city’s homeless

A group representing more than 40 Berkeley religious congregations will gather tonight to show its support for the city’s homeless population in the wake of proposed new laws that they say would criminalize the homeless, as well as an incident, caught on video, in which a downtown “ambassador”  assaulted a homeless man last month. Some participants plan to sleep overnight on BART […]

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Berkeley home of liberal rabbi vandalized

The north Berkeley home of the editor of the liberal Jewish magazine Tikkun was vandalized early Monday morning after the magazine announced it would present an award to Judge Richard Goldstone, the controversial South African magistrate who oversaw a report that accused Israel of human rights violations during its winter 2009 incursion into Gaza. Vandals […]