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Berkeley redistricting map splits council, community

The Berkeley Student District Campaign map was approved Tuesday night. Image: City of Berkeley What some described as a historic move by the Berkeley City Council to approve a new student-majority district centered around Telegraph Avenue was decried by others Tuesday night as political “gerrymandering” aimed at splitting the city’s progressive voice and excluding some […]

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Berkeley council may consider 2 campus district maps

Councilman Kriss Worthington’s office created an alternate vision of a student district that adds Foothill, Bowles, Stern, I-House and 11 co-ops. Following pleas to give students more time to get involved with Berkeley’s redistricting process, the Berkeley City Council voted Tuesday night to delay its decision on proposed changes to the city’s council districts that […]

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Berkeley Council denies last-minute redistricting proposal

The City Council approved a motion Tuesday to make the campus district map the preferred plan for redistricting. By Camille Baptista A new City Council redistricting plan was presented Tuesday during the second public hearing for redistricting proposals, but council members voted against considering it because of its last-minute introduction. Despite the submittal of the new […]

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Op-Ed: Berkeley must keep the one fair redistricting map in play

Not so very long ago, Berkeley proclaimed itself to be a “City of Neighborhoods.” Not so much now. Under the quiet and persistent guidance of the present Mayor and Council, policy and practice emphasis has steadily shifted away from neighborhoods — their well-being and preservation — to developing density and allowing increased project size and […]

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Redistricting plans focus on student-majority district

Berkeley’s existing eight council districts, with incumbent councilmember homes indicated by a dark red dot. Berkeley’s existing eight council districts, with incumbent councilmember homes indicated by a dark red dot. A student-majority district in Berkeley moved a step closer with the release of redistricting plans on Thursday. Six individuals and community groups submitted redistricting plans, […]

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City could face most dramatic redistricting in 27 years

A reference map of existing boundaries forms part of the redistricting packet Berkeley is seeking redistricting plans for the city’s eight council districts. Since 1986, Berkeley redistricting has been constrained to boundaries resembling the 1986 lines. After the passage of Measure R in November, those geographic constraints have been removed. Redistricting plans must be submitted […]