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Berkeley’s Savers Thrift Superstore to close on Jan. 16

Two years after it opened to fanfare – and controversy – Savers Thrift Superstore at 1414 University Ave. will shut its doors on Saturday, Jan. 16. No-one from corporate headquarters would speak to Berkeleyside about the reasons behind the closure, but a spokeswoman confirmed the closure. The store manager said Berkeley has proved too expensive for […]

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New fence hems in Strawberry Walk stores on University

In the latest salvo in a long-running fight over the rights to a parking lot, the owner of a building at 1414 University Ave. has installed a fence between the Savers Thrift parking lot and a string of businesses known as Strawberry Walk. Palo Alto’s Berkeley Bazaar Partnerships (BBP), owner of the building that houses Savers Thrift Store, installed […]

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Parking lot war at 1414 University in Berkeley heats up; owner attempts to fence off competing businesses

The owner of the building at 1414 University Ave. attempted to install a fence Tuesday along the parking lot that she gained exclusive rights to in a contentious lawsuit last year. The fence would have blocked off access from the lot into a string of businesses known as Strawberry Walk. Employees of Strawberry Walk, which […]

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Neighbors angry at parking restrictions at old Andronico’s

A recent court ruling that gives exclusive parking lot rights to the owners of 1414 University Ave., former home of Andronico’s, has left nearby business owners fuming. In August, an Alameda County Superior Court judge decided that Palo Alto’s Berkeley Bazaar Partnerships (BBP) is the sole owner of the parking lot that sits between 1414 […]