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6 MAPS: How city changed over last decade | ELECTION: What matters to you? | WHAT TO KNOW: Monkeypox | BACK TO SCHOOL: COVID rules

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Neighbors, police vow new push on crime prevention

A Berkeley community group focused on crime prevention pledged to up its game Monday night, and representatives from the Police Department said they plan to ramp up their own collaboration with neighbors. Those efforts may be particularly important given the double-digit increase in crime Berkeley saw in 2015. Berkeley police officials reported in March that overall Part […]

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25 years later: Henry’s hostage crisis remembered

The shots rang out just after midnight, leaving seven people injured and dozens held hostage in Henry’s Publick House at the Hotel Durant in Berkeley’s Southside neighborhood. One of the young men who was shot would die. For the survivors, it was just the beginning of a more than seven-hour standoff between a schizophrenic man who heard voices and […]

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Berkeley police hope bike registry will deter thieves

By Francesca Paris Many cyclists in Berkeley know the all-too-common pain of losing a bike to thieves. Far fewer have experienced the opposite: the rare joy of a reunion. The Berkeley Police Department wants to change that, with the help of an independent bike registry called Bike Index. The police department’s struggle with unregistered bikes manifests itself in […]

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Gang violence, drug use, graffiti spark renewed push to clean up West Berkeley park

Stepped up police patrols, trimmed-back bushes and increased efforts to clean up graffiti around Strawberry Creek Park are among a slew of recent steps by the city following two troubling incidents in March, including a drive-by shooting nearby and the violent robbery of a Berkeley middle school student. Community members around the West Berkeley park have been […]

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Berkeley Police: Gunshots on Harmon and more

Police arrested this man April 5 in connection with a robbery south of campus. Photo: Emilie Raguso Earlier this year, the Berkeley Police Department relaunched its monthly newsletter to let community members know about notable arrests and incidents, as well as crime prevention tips and safety resources. Along with beat maps and police contacts for each neighborhood, the […]