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I-House honors gay couple as equality fight unfolds in DC

Vern Haddick and Paul Herman met as residents at International House and formed a lasting partnership for more than 50 years. The men “stayed together until the end,” said Ferris. (Image courtesy of International House) This week, as the battle for marriage equality raged before the U.S. Supreme Court, UC Berkeley’s International House posted its […]

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Mating newts at UC Botanical Garden a stimulating sight

It’s not just us humans who get romantic around Valentine’s Day. Have you heard of newt love? UC Botanical Garden director and zoologist Paul Licht is intimately familiar with the mating habits of the two newt species – Taricha torosa (California newt) and Taricha granulosa (rough-skin newt) – that become amorous at this time of year. And it’s quite a […]