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Nagler: ‘To the Berkeleyans who have stood by me in this dark and difficult time in my life’

In the past few weeks, many Berkeleyside readers have enjoyed a front-row seat as one local resident took a novel approach to resolving the years-long theft of his Wall Street Journal. The story gained national attention but we’re proud to say: You heard it here first. After Berkeleyside’s initial report about the newspaper theft, Richard Nagler, […]

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Wall Street Journal joins the fun after a thoughtful note to a Berkeley thief goes viral

The Wall Street Journal couldn’t resist joining in the fun after it read about a note written by local businessman and photographer Richard Nagler to a thief who had deprived him — on and off for ten years — of his subscription to the newspaper. Yesterday, two people, working on behalf of the Journal, posted two […]

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A Berkeley note to Wall Street Journal thief gets results

After we published the story of a novel note to a newspaper thief earlier today, things began to fall into place. We now know that the note, signed “Richard” and placed outside Skylight & Sun on Blake Street in Berkeley, was written by the owner of that business, Richard Nagler, who also happens to be an accomplished photographer whose work has […]