Pietisserie's pumpkin pie in chocolate crust. Photo: Megan Nunes
Pietisserie’s pumpkin pie in chocolate crust. Credit: Megan Nunes

Though turkey is the centerpiece of many Thanksgiving meals, the dinner wouldn’t be complete without dessert. Traditionally, that means pie, be that pumpkin, sweet potato, pecan … do we need to go on?

For those of you inclined to bake, knock yourselves out! For those of you who’d rather pick up a little something sweet in advance of the big meal, here’s a roundup of local pie bakers that will more than fit the bill.

Note: By no means is this intended to be an all-comprehensive list of East Bay pie shops! Please consider this list a vetted selection of great bakeries, not an end-all, be-all pie list.


Baker & Commons

Elmwood’s Baker & Commons always has a line. And there’s a reason why: Both their food and baked goods — from scones to coffee cake and everything in between — are to die for. Baker & Commons holiday pies on offer this year include pumpkin ($28), chocolate bourbon pecan pie ($30) and apple crostata (the Italian version of a galette, $30). Place your order before Nov. 21.

Baker & Commons, 2900 College Ave. (at Russell Street), Berkeley.

Bette’s Oceanview Diner

A staple of Berkeley’s Fourth Street shopping district, Bette’s loves pie so much that their décor includes a gigantic 3-D slice of cherry pie. Their holiday pies are by special order. In addition to standards like pumpkin and apple, you can order any flavor you can think of (within reason). All pies are $36. Order by Nov. 22.

Bette’s Oceanview Diner, 1807 Fourth St. (between Hearst Avenue and Delaware Street), Berkeley

The amaretti cream cake at Crixa Cakes. Credit: Emilie Raguso

Crixa Cakes

This year, small-batch Old World–style bakery Crixa is offering both pies and cakes for Thanksgiving, including deep-dish pumpkin pie ($28), with ameretti cream cake ($34, includes vanilla sponge cake, hazelnut liqueur, mascarpone cream, and amaretti cookies), fresh ginger cake ($26-$48), tiramisu ($34) and pavé vergiate (flourless chocolate cake, $27-$50, the largest size serves 16). Orders open Nov. 19 for in-person pickup Nov. 24 between noon and 4 p.m., with a limit of two items per person.

Crixa Cakes, 2748 Adeline St. (at Stuart Street), Berkeley

FatApple’s Restaurant and Bakery

North Berkeley favorite FatApples is offering full holiday dinners in addition to their mouthwatering pumpkin ($29.50), Georgia pecan ($33), apple ($29.50), harvest (apple cranberry streusel, $33), and olallieberry ($29.50) pies. Throw in some cheese puffs for $22.25 a dozen. Order in advance for pickup between Nov. 22 and Thanksgiving Day; Thanksgiving Day pickup hours are 9-11 a.m. 

FatApple’s Restaurant and Bakery, 1346 Martin Luther King Jr. Way (at Rose Street), Berkeley

Fournée Bakery

Fournée’s baked goods are top notch and they are offering some special treats for Thanksgiving this year, including organic brown butter pumpkin pie ($35) and organic apple pie ($35). Orders for pickup are due by Nov. 17 but you may want to order earlier: holiday tarte tatin typically sells out early.

Fournée Bakery, 2912 Domingo Ave. (at Russell Street), Berkeley

Hopkins Street Bakery

This neighborhood bakery is offering pecan, pumpkin, apple and blueberry pies to chase your turkey with (prices range from $25-$30). Orders are open now; there’s no deadline, but the staff recommends getting your order in early!

Hopkins Street Bakery, 1584 Hopkins St. (between California Street and McGee Avenue), Berkeley

Masse’s Pastries

North Shattuck European style bakery Masse’s has six special deserts to sweeten up your Thanksgiving: their “famous” pumpkin pie with a touch of rum ($38); chocolate bourbon pecan pie studded with dark chocolate ($45); Viennese-style apple strudel with vanilla cream ($45); pear and cardamom cream charlotte ($48); gluten-free butter pecan and caramel cake ($48); and apple frangipane tart ($45). Order by Nov. 22. Masse’s will be open Thanksgiving morning for pickup from 9-11 a.m.

Masse’s Pastries, 1469 Shattuck Ave. (at Vine Street), Berkeley


You may think of burgers when you drive by University Avenue’s Nation’s, but they’re just as famous for their pies. Nation’s has a huge range including apple, berry, custard, pumpkin, sugarless apple, banana cream, chocolate cream, coconut cream, lemon cream, lemon meringue and pecan ($15-17). You’ll need to stop by to see what they have the day you want to pick one up.

Nation’s, 1800 University Ave. (at Grant Street), Berkeley

Pie Society

Devotees claim that new kid on the block Pie Society can make pie lovers out of those who had been “meh” about the desert in the past. Heavy praise for a bakery that was born during the pandemic. Chef Angela Pinkerton now sells pies in both SF and Berkeley and for Thanksgiving, she’s offering standard 9” (from $40) and 5” “cutie” (from $19) pies in apple cranberry streusel, passionfruit bay leaf meringue, roasted pumpkin pie (both gluten-free and gluten-full) and bourbon chocolate pecan walnut. Order before Nov. 14 to pick up Nov. 23, 24, or 25!

Pie Society, 2533 Seventh St. (at Parker Street), Berkeley

Rick & Ann’s Restaurant

Family fave Rick & Ann’s is offering a full Thanksgiving meal with all the fixings (see website for details), along with their sure-to-sell-out pumpkin pie with gingersnap crust ($25, $6 for a pint-sized side of vanilla whipped cream). Orders open now, get yours in ASAP if you don’t want to miss out.

Rick & Ann’s Restaurant, 2922 Domingo Ave. (between Russell Street and Ashby Avenue), Berkeley

The pear hazelnut pie from Starter Bakery. Credit: Starter Bakery

Starter Bakery

The Gilman District’s Starter Bakery is offering six scrumptious pies this year: apple with streusel, bourbon pecan, pear hazelnut, citrus and chocolate pecan (all $25), along with the traditional pumpkin ($22). Order ahead for Wednesday, Nov. 24, pickup. 

Starter Bakery, 901 Gilman St., Suite B (at Eighth Street), Berkeley

Sweet Adeline Bakeshop

Quaint Lorin District bakery Sweet Adeline has all sorts of sweets, cakes, cheesecakes, loafs and breads available to make your holiday meal complete. The pies on offer include a classic apple lattice pie ($35); pecan, bourbon & browned butter pie ($32); Mom’s pumpkin pie, which is, of course, “hella good” ($25); chocolate cream pie with vanilla whipped cream ($28); and caramel apple walnut pie ($30). Select your pickup time when you order. The bakery is closed Nov. 22 and 23, open Nov. 24.

Sweet Adeline Bakeshop, 3350 Adeline St. (at 63rd Street), Berkeley

Timeless Coffee & Bakery

Looking for vegan holiday deserts? Timeless is offering vegan pumpkin, maple pecan, and apple pies (all $35). If you want to branch out, check out their pumpkin cake roll ($40), ginger maple cake ($45), or gluten-free pumpkin cheesecake ($44). Order by November 21 to pick up at either location Nov. 23 or 24.

Timeless Coffee & Bakery, 2965 College Ave. (at Ashby Avenue), Berkeley, and 4252 Piedmont Ave. (at Glenwood Avenue), Oakland 


Bakesale Betty

Temescal’s cult favorite Bakesale Betty has pumpkin, apple, sweet potato, pecan, cranberry orange and old-fashioned buttermilk pies (all $30). Pick up 32 oz. of house made vanilla whipped cream for $5. Orders close Nov. 22 or when they sell out — and they will sell out, so order early. Pies will be available for pickup Nov. 24 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Bakesale Betty, 5098 Telegraph Ave. (at 51st Street), Oakland

Buttercup Diner

Another family favorite, the Buttercup Diner’s two Oakland locations have 10 types of pie to choose from this holiday: chocolate cream pie, pumpkin pie, upside down apple walnut, banana cream, coconut cream, peanut buttercup, key lime, blueberry streusel and sugar-free apple pie (all $18.99), along with pecan ($20.99). Order at least 48 hours in advance. 

Buttercup Diner, 1000 Cotton St. (at Dennison Street), Oakland; 229 Broadway (between Second and Third streets), Oakland​

The Cook and Her Farmer

This café/oyster bar in Swan’s Market also makes killer pies. Choose from pink lady apple ($35) or pumpkin ($30). Pickup available Nov. 24 from noon-5 p.m.

The Cook and Her Farmer, 510 Ninth St. (at Washington Street), Oakland

Curbside Creamery

This Temescal Alley ice cream joint also makes vegan pies! On offer is pumpkin, pecan and apple (all $25). Add a quart of ice cream to your order ($15) to make it a la mode. Pickups scheduled for Nov.23-24.

Curbside Creamery, Temescal Alley, 482 49th St. (near Telegraph Avenue), Oakland

La Farine Bakery

La Farine is offering a cornucopia of Thanksgiving pies, tartes and torts this year. Select from pumpkin pie ($20), apple tarte ($25), brandied cherry tort (flourless tort w/ brandied cherries and chocolate, $31), cranberry coffeecake with pecans ($22), spiced ginger cake with lemon cream cheese frosting ($28) or pear ginger tarte ($26). Order before Nov. 20. Last day to pick up is Nov. 24. 

La Farine Bakery, 4094 Piedmont Ave. (at 41st Street); 6323 College Ave. (at Alcatraz Avenue), Oakland; 3411 Fruitvale Ave. (at Bienati Way), Oakland 

A pecan pie from Firebrand Artisan Breads. Credit: Firebrand Artisan Breads

Firebrand Artisan Breads

Oakland’s only wood fired bakery is serving up pumpkin ($35), apple and pecan (both $38) pies this holiday. Order by Nov. 20 for pickup Thanksgiving week. Firebrand is open for pickup on Thanksgiving from 8 a.m.-noon. Order at least 48 hours in advance.

Firebrand Artisan Breads, 2343 Broadway (between 23rd and 24th streets), Oakland 

Gregory’s Gourmet Desserts

Running out a basement in Northgate, Gregory’s bills itself “an underground bakery.” Owner, East Coast transplant Gregory Williams, has a loyal clientele eager for its cheesecakes, pies, and other amaze-o treats. For Thanksgiving, Gregory is offering a full pan of uptown baby pie (Gregory’s version of apple pie, with caramel and pecans, $58.99), sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie (both $45), pecan sweet potato pie ($44.59), pecan pie ($34.32), coconut macadamia cream pie ($59) and key lime pie ($59). Pre-order for pickup by Nov. 15.

Gregory’s Gourmet Deserts, 285 23rd St. (at Valdez Street), Oakland

Lois the Pie Queen

The Queen of Pies (now run by Chris Davis, Lois’ son) is a good bet for your holiday desert orders. Pick up an apple, mixed berry, pecan, sweet potato, coconut cream, banana cream, chocolate cream, key lime, raspberry key lime or frozen lemon ice box pie ($27). Or choose from a huge variety of cheesecakes ($55 each), peach cobbler ($25,75-$37.75) or banana pudding ($17-$26). Last day to preorder is Nov. 19 for pickup on Nov. 24. Call or stop by.

Lois the Pie Queen, 851 60th St. (at Adeline Street), Oakland

Mariposa Baking Co.

This gluten free bakery is offering three types of pie this year: pecan ($18 for a 6”, $42 for a 9”), pumpkin ($17, $30) and apple ($18, $38). Pies will be available daily in-store the week of Thanksgiving or to order in advance.

Mariposa Baking Co., 5427 Telegraph Ave. (at 55th Street), Oakland

Market Hall pumpkin cheesecake. Photo: Market Hall Foods
Market Hall pumpkin cheesecake. Photo: Market Hall Foods

Market Hall Bakery

Market Hall Bakery’s Thanksgiving menu includes classic pumpkin pie ($22), pecan tart ($32) and apple crumble pie topped with streusel ($32). Order at least two days before your preferred pick up day between Nov. 22 and 24 (Oakland, Berkeley).

Market Hall Foods on 4th, 1786 Fourth St. (at Delaware Street), Berkeley; Rockridge Market Hall, 5655 College Ave. (at Shafter Avenue), Oakland


Pietisserie now has two locations in Oakland and one in Albany to pick up their plethora of pies, including lemon, grapefruit, black bottom walnut, pumpkin chocolate, pecan, pink apple, double cherry and more (prices range from $36 to $44). Place a holiday preorder through their website to get the full details about locations and hours for pickup.


This year, California-Israeli restaurant Pomella is offering apple-persimmon pie through a partnership with Edith’s Pies. Whole pies are $38, one slice is $7. Pickup dates are Nov. 23 and 24. Also on offer: sweet potato cheesecake ($25) and pecan caramel and chocolate bars ($8 for four pieces). 

Pomella, 3770 Piedmont Ave., Suite B (at Yosemite Avenue), Oakland

Uhuru Pies

Oakland’s Uhuru Pies is dedicated to building an independent economy for African people. Select from Africa apple pie (with the continent baked into the pie crust, $30), deep-dish apple crumb ($24), vegan blackberry ($24), chocolate bourbon pecan ($30), cranberry apple ($24), their signature sweet potato African heritage pie ($20 or $24 for vegan version), double fudge walnut brownie ($24), pecan ($24) or pumpkin ($20). Order online or call 800-578-5157 before Nov. 23 for pickup at various locations in Berkeley and Oakland.


Two Chicks in the Mix

This holiday, this LA/East Bay bakery has brown butter sweet potato ($38), salted caramel apple ($42) or classic pecan pie ($38). They’ve teamed up with Esscents of Flowers to offer a holiday pie and autumnal floral centerpiece combo (starts at $80). Order by Nov. 16 for pickup in Alameda at noon Nov. 24.

Two Chicks in the Mix, 2400 Monarch St. (at West Midway Avenue), Alameda

Featured photo: PieTisserie/Facebook

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